Our goal is to provide you free data in a simple way. We take data from respectable data sources, merge it and make it available in comfortable and easy way. You may build charts to see indicators dynamics and compare it by countries and years. All data and charts are available for downloading in required format.

This section is devoted to basic demography indicators. You can investigate indicators by countries by years, and compare it. There is also access to population indicators historical data and indicators forecast.

Following pages are available:

Population By Country:  data provided by World Bank; period 1961 – 2013; all countries;

Population Of The World: data provided by United Nations; period 1950 – 2013; all countries;

World Population History: merged historical data based on few different scientific researches;

Population Projections By Countries: data provided by United Nations; projections till 2100 according to different scenarios; all countries;

Life Expectancy By Country: data provided by United Nations; period 1950 – 2013; all countries;




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