Some time ago we released a new article devoted to China. We expected to make available ready graphs with basic population and economics indicators.

Working on this article we’ve got quite unusual Life Expectancy Graph. It will known that during last century time life expectancy at birth usually grow stably during the peace periods. Growth velocity can vary but the tendency seems to be stable.

If you look at the chart below you can see that there was a gap in this this growth in China during 1955 – 1965:

Compare USA and China life expectancy


We’ve looked for the explanation and found out that this gap in life expectancy growth is explained be the results of communists approach to rural economy (collectivization) and two Mao Zedong biggest campaigns: Anti-Rightist Movement and Great Leap Forward. Great famine,  executions and forced labour took lives of millions of people of all ages. Amount of deaths was so huge that it drops averagelive expectancy and made its growth impossible for 10 years.

If you compare it with the graph of life expectancy at birth for Vietnam (use our graph builder) you will see that Vietnam had the same result during the peak of Vietnam war (1965 – 1975) when Vietnam was totally burned out.

Life Expectancy at Birth for China and Vietnam

This gives us good understanding of the price of radical social experiments.