About Open Datamart


Our mission is to aggregate data from different data sources  in one place, clean it, join it, convert into standard format and make it available for comfortable viewing, downloading and analysis for everyone.

How We Achieve It

We plan to use following approach to achieve this goal:

  • By joining data from different data sources we create new data sets
  • Using specific reporting tools we provide our visitors opportunity to use custom filters, decompose data and build charts online
  • Using specific reporting tools we provide our visitors opportunity to download data from our database in preferable format

Our Roadmap

During next year we plan to be focused on the following activities:

  • Improve data standards section. Currently we basically use ISO territories codes (country codes, province codes etc.) to join data sets from different sources. We plan to collect more and more codes lists and map it with each other.
  • Extend the list of data sets available in our reporting system by adding data provided by trusted global institutions (World Bank, Unites Nations, International Monetary Fund etc) and by national governments and make it available for easy analysis and downloading
  • Provide our data delivery facilities for publishing of data sets developed by individual researchers and local research institutions
  • Create special “country profiles” pages for countries where people can find aggregated data from our database on each country, including cities and provinces statistics

You Can Help Us

  • Post comments to let us know about problems in data, suggestions about now reports and data sets
  • Post links to our site to help us engage more people
  • Take place in our surveys


We really appreciate information support provided by our partners. Please visit the Acknowledgements page to know more.

If you expect your website can be interesting to our visitors please contact us to discuss if we can post a link to your website.

Our email: [email protected]



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